Ready to take your celebration to the next level?  We have been entertaining people from all over the world in the Orlando theme parks and we bring the same high quality and fun approach to the Finesse Band.

The group authentically covers a huge range of fun dance hits that will keep you and your guests entertained and having fun. We are a well rehearsed and set group that is always exactly as seen and heard on our website and demo.  

The group is very experienced performing for parties and can handle all of the emcee duties as well as the flow of events.  In addition, we are always on time, dressed properly, and  always prepared to give you 100%. 

The band is based in Orlando Florida, and available for distinctive weddings, events, and parties throughout Florida.  Available in Tampa, Jacksonville, Naples, Palm Beach, and Miami. Orlando wedding band, Tampa wedding band, Miami wedding band, Jacksonville wedding bands!

Always the same highly specialized performers and musicians as seen and heard on our web site.

We do book up early, so send us an email or give us a call today at (772) 781-7415.

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