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Looking for vibrant and exceptional entertainment in Orlando? The Finesse Party Band™ is your go-to choice for weddings, corporate events, galas, and parties across Florida. We blend high energy with top-quality performances to make every event memorable.

  • Dynamic Entertainment: Four vibrant front vocalists ensure a lively and memorable event.
  • Expertise & Experience: Seasoned with Orlando’s theme park performances, we guarantee a professional and high-energy show.
  • Customized For You: From romantic ballads to dance floor hits, we tailor our music to fit your event’s unique vibe.

Transform Your Event Into an Unforgettable Experience Get in touch to add the magic of The Finesse Party Band™ to your special day!

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Ready to add excitement to your wedding? Our band brings a fresh, fun vibe to every event. Featuring top-tier talent, we specialize in a wide range of music – from classic Motown hits to the latest Bruno Mars tunes, all delivered in our signature, upbeat style. Let us spice up your wedding with entertainment that’s as unique and memorable as your love story.

Energize Your Wedding Day with Top-Level Entertainment

Corporate Events

Make your Florida corporate events stand out with our experienced band. Each of our members boasts an impressive background, performing at renowned venues like Disney, Busch Gardens, and Universal Studios. Trust us to bring that same level of professionalism and entertainment to your corporate event.

Transform Your Corporate Event into a Memorable Experience!


Ready to transform your party into an unforgettable event? Get in touch with us! We boast a unique ensemble of over-the-top performers, guaranteed to keep your dance floor bustling with energy. Our artists excel in creating a vibrant, dynamic atmosphere that will leave your guests talking long after the party ends.

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What type of events are you available for?
We specialize in weddings, corporate events, galas, fundraisers, country club events, and parties. Any event where high-quality musical entertainment is required.
How many pieces are in the band?

We offer our 10-piece group exactly as seen on our demo. This includes bandleader and Emcee Dave Martin along with our male vocalist and two female vocalists, bass, drums. guitar, keyboards, trumpet, and trombone.

Are you available as a smaller 5 – 8 piece group?

We are sometimes able to offer a smaller configuration on less popular non-Saturday dates.  We are a set group that always includes the same select members as seen on our demo and web page, so we prefer to book the full band when possible.  Beware of groups that offer themselves in many configurations such as a three to thirteen-piece group as these are typically agencies in disguise that may simply have a database of musicians that they piece together to suit any size desired. In these cases they may even book the same “band” several times on any given date as though it doesn’t matter who is in the band!

How much space or size stage do you require?
We can work very comfortably on a stage 12′ deep by 24′ wide, and this is a very typical size stage for even the larger configuration. Certainly, a larger stage is even better as it gives our performers more room to move around, however, our thinking is to make sure there is plenty of space for the dance floor and to not overwhelm the room with a huge stage. We can also work without a stage, and in some venues, this is just fine maybe even preferable, however, having a stage typically makes for a better look and allows all of the guests to easily view the band when the dance floor is packed.
Can I have input on the song list?
Of course! We ask that our clients simply highlight a few likes from our song list while crossing off just a small handful as “don’t play” (even if requested by one of your guests). The highlighted list along with some general information is all we need, and this allows us the flexibility we need to create the amazing parties we are associated with.

Our Amazing Reviews


David Martin and Finesse Band made our wedding reception for our daughter the most memorable expereince it could possibly be. From their talented music to the wedding party introductions, they get five stars from me.

by Robert Bohannan


“We had Finesse perform at my daughter's wedding. As the father, I did a lot of work selecting and working with the band. They were absolutely fabulous. Nobody wanted to leave the dance floor. They brought tremendous energy to our reception in addition to a great music performance. Very charismatic performers. They also arranged to have a trio play during our cocktail hour and that was great too. And very organized to - whether it was contracting, working with them selecting the music, or questions they were very prompt to reply to emails and the phone. You can't go wrong with this band. True professionals.”

By Phil Elbert


“We had the Finesse Party Band perform for our daughter's wedding. The dance floor was going all night! They were wonderful. They were flexible to accommodate our desired playlist, learned new songs for us, and were just sooooo much fun. Recommend highly!”

By Kris Elbert



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